Sony PlayStation 3 (2012) up close and personal (eyes-on)

Sony PlayStation 3 2012 up close and personal eyeson

Just after their pre-TGS announcement, we were able to snag a closer look at Sony's new slimmed-down PlayStation 3 consoles. While we weren't able to put our grubby mitts on the pair, we did get a peek at some of the exterior differences. Aside from the obvious color variations (at least in the white model that's definitely headed for Japan), the first change that immediately jumps out is the absence of the visible disc slot on the console's front. We surmise that discs now load via a sliding tray mechanism of some sort -- a feature that we'll definitely take a closer look at when we grab a full hands-on on the show floor. There's also a grooved design up top, which makes a departure from the smooth casing from the previous models. From the display we took a gander at, an attachable base is included to secure the unit when used vertically. Want a closer look for yourself? Dive in to the gallery below to do just that. %Gallery-165865%