iPhone 5 vs Samsung Galaxy S3 drop test

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Android Authority bought an iPhone 5 and compared the Apple smartphone to the Samsung Galaxy S III in a durability drop test. The blog dropped both devices from three different heights in a way that simulates a fall under normal usage. They first dropped the devices from pocket level, then from about four feet (mid-chest level) and finally from about five and a half feet (head level).

Not surprisingly, the plastic casing of the Samsung Galaxy S III didn't fare so well, with both the screen and the outer case cracking from a mere four-foot drop. In the five-foot drop, the S III's battery cover went flying and the damage to the screen was made even worse. The iPhone 5, however, survived all three drops (and even a higher, almost six-foot drop) with only minimal damage to the back and sides.

You can watch the fine performance of the iPhone 5 in the YouTube video below.

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