The Daily Grind: Which band fits with your favorite MMO?

Jef Reahard
J. Reahard|09.25.12

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The Daily Grind: Which band fits with your favorite MMO?
The Daily Grind - Which band fits with your favorite MMO
I'm a big fan of MMO soundtracks -- heck, of game soundtracks in general, really. It's rare that I turn off the in-game tunes in favor of my own playlist, but I've been doing just that recently when it comes to The Secret World.

No disrespect meant to composers Marc Canham and Simon Poole, of course; I bought the soundtrack, and I love that creepy main title riff. A modern setting goes well with modern music, though, or in my case, the sonic stylings of Pink Floyd. I can't put my finger on why David Gilmour's soulful guitar solos and Roger Waters shrieking vocals go so well with the TSW, but they do.

What about you, early risers? Assuming you play your own music while playing your favorite MMO, which artist fits your game best?

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