iPhone 5 outperforms Galaxy S III in damage tests

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iPhone 5 outperforms Galaxy S III in damage tests

Despite reports about the iPhone 5's aluminum back being easily scratched, Byte is reporting that tests of the iPhone 5 show that it is much more durable than its biggest competitor -- Samsung's Galaxy S III.

Byte cited torture tests from three different sources: PhoneDoctors, Android Authority and SquareTrade.com. These sites did everything from dropping the phones and having a toddler toss one onto concrete, to throwing them into swimming pools. For the most part the iPhone 5 survived everything that it was subjected to. The Samsung smartphone? It wasn't so lucky.

The three videos are included below for your viewing pleasure. iPhone fans will wince when the iPhone 5 takes a hit, but should smile when the Galaxy S III goes down for the count.

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