'Badland' by former Trials devs doesn't look so bad

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JC Fletcher
October 9th, 2012
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'Badland' by former Trials devs doesn't look so bad

Two former RedLynx developers trade high-intensity stunt bikes for comparably placid flight in Badland, but keep the winding paths and devilish side-scrolling level designs they honed in various Trials and Heroz games.

iOS game Badland is the work of Frogmind, a new indie developer made up of Trials Evolution editor programmer Johannes Vuorinen and MotoHeroz artist/designer Juhana Myllys. It stars a flying creature exploring a "gorgeous forest" to determine the identity of some unknown threat. Judging from the gear-filled stage in the above video, something is out of place in the forest.

Apparently there's more to see about Badland than is shown in the gameplay video; Frogmind teases two "really big features announcements" coming this year.
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