Lord of the Rings Online reveals Riders of Rohan soundtrack

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Lord of the Rings Online reveals Riders of Rohan soundtrack
Lord of the Rings Online title image
Whether you play Lord of the Rings Online or not, there's no doubt that the game boasts stunning visuals and an impressive music score. With less than a week to go until the Riders of Rohan expansion is released, today Turbine teased players with a sample of the expansion's incredible soundtrack. To capture the sound of Rohan, composer Chance Thomas spent five years digging through the Lord of the Rings lore and pulling out every reference to sound or music for inspiration.

The result is an orchestral soundtrack with an open and hopeful tone that captures the feel of the plains of Rohan. Chance's aim with the soundtrack is to really set the tone for each area and to evoke emotions from players that will enhance their game experiences. "Every part of Middle-earth has its own character," he explains, "and we've tried to give it its own voice." Read on to watch the Sound of Rohan preview video in HD or preview all 23 tracks in the iTunes store.

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