Lost and lonely dog seeks warm and loving home (on your farm)

Anne Stickney
A. Stickney|10.11.12

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Lost and lonely dog seeks warm and loving home (on your farm)
Lonely dog seeks warm and loving home on your farm
Some may call my desire to reach exalted with the Tillers nonsensical, but I would happily argue that the goat mounts are more than worth it. Regardless, I've been happily tilling away on my farm and doing dailies for Halfhill's assorted residents. There's a pretty cool cycle with the Tiller dailies, a storyline that plays out as you continue helping out poor hapless Yoon. He's trying to become a member of the Tillers, but he'll need five votes to get in. Somewhere in the middle of revered, I got vote number four -- and I resigned myself to nothing particularly interesting until I hit exalted.

But imagine my surprise flying over Halfhill when I stumbled across the little guy pictured above. The poor thing was stranded and alone in the midst of all the verdant fields, hungry and scared. Obviously dogs don't care for vegetables, even if they are monstrously huge. So I took the quest he offered, Lost and Lonely, and fetched some steak for the starving pup. Once fed, he hightailed it for my farm, and now lives there quite happily. He even responds to emotes!

It appears that this quest is unlocked in the midst of the exalted crawl, at about 12600-12700 reputation into revered. In order to find a pooch of your own, simply head into the Halfhill fields at that point in your rep grind. Lost and lonely dog seeks warm and loving home on your farmYou'll find the poor lonely little guy tucked under a tree, just waiting for someone to come feed him and take him home.

While I expected the usual run of quests to gather votes for Yoon, I didn't expect to find a puppy under a tree, nor did I expect to get anything else for my farm after becoming best friends with everyone. The addition of a dog was just what my little farm was missing, although I do find myself wishing you could name the dog once he arrived at your farm. Having a dog named Dog seems a little silly. But I hope this is an indicator that there will be more in store for farms at a later date. Be sure to pick up your new friend while you're making the climb to exalted -- the quest will net you a handy 500 reputation with the Tillers before rep bonuses.

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