T-Mobile schedules new product event on October 29th (Update: canceled)

Brad Molen
B. Molen|10.19.12

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T-Mobile schedules new product event on October 29th (Update: canceled)

T-Mobile has just sent out invites to the press for a product launch event on the evening of October 29th. We weren't given any clues as to what this new item (or items) could be -- aside from the fact that it will include T-Mobile's full fall lineup -- but we certainly have a few suspicions considering the timing of such an event. Microsoft and Google are both holding press events earlier in the day, after all, which means we're either going to be treated to T-Mobile's Windows Phone 8 lineup or (this is less likely, but anything's possible) a T-Mobile Nexus. Feel free to put your wagers in the comments below, and we'll work to sort out the craziness that will most certainly ensue that day.

Update: T-Mobile has joined Google in canceling today's event due to Hurricane Sandy. Don't be too disheartened, though -- we'll still have a feast of Windows Phone 8 news to digest.

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