PSA: Krater co-op, Mayhem MK13 DLC packs drop today

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Jessica Conditt
October 24th, 2012
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PSA: Krater co-op, Mayhem MK13 DLC packs drop today

's latest DLC is out today on Steam, and it's co-op-tastic. The co-op DLC is the first of three free packs, while the Mayhem MK13 character is $3. He's also ugly. But in a good way. We think. Check out the video above and screens below to decide for yourself.
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STOCKHOLM, Sweden. October 23, 2012. Today Fatshark released the highly anticipated co-op DLC to Krater.

"We are very happy to bring co-op to the Krater universe. The download is free, and will also include a large number of updates to the single player content." says Martin Wahlund, CEO and Executive Producer, Fatshark. "While the main game admittedly was released to fair success, that hasn't changed our commitment to our fans and our universe".

Krater is a retro-flavored post-apocalyptic top down RPG where you control a squad of free-diggers through the perils of an open game world. It is not your generic action RPG clone - it is lush in its colors, hardcore and got a different vibe to it. The base pillars are crafting, exploration and consequence. Consequence brings not only the ability for the characters to level up and improve themselves, but also permanent injuries and death.

"The patch that we call Krater 1.1 is the first of three major updates to the game that we will execute the coming weeks" says Robert Bäckström, Producer, Fatshark. "It comes with an updated engine for better performance on older rigs, and single player content that have expanded on and been improved in several areas - campaign, combat mechanics and character progression. And there is also a first batch of coop content in the game. If you haven't gotten into Krater yet, this is the perfect time to do just that."

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