New iBooks Author supports LaTeX and MathML

Mike Schramm
M. Schramm|10.25.12

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New iBooks Author supports LaTeX and MathML

LaTeX is document markup system (similar to the popular Markdown) that's popular among high-level academia and mathematics authors. iBooks Author 2, which was released during Apple's big event, now supports the LaTeX protocol. It works through the MathML markup language, which a lot of educational textbooks often use for marking up and displaying complex mathematical equations and formulas.

In other words, iBooks Author has gained significant functionality for working together with a markup language already used by education professionals, mathematics authors and students. That fits right in line with Apple intentions for iBooks Author, namely the creation of academic documents for college curriculums and classes.

That's good news for anyone who commonly uses this language, as they can now load up iBooks Author and continue their work there. This is a small, very technical change, that accomplishes Apple's mission of making this software work for the systems already being used to create higher education texts.

[via Michael Tsai]

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