iOS and OS X teams joined under Craig Federighi

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iOS and OS X teams joined under Craig Federighi

iOS and OS X teams joined under Craig Federighi

Today, Apple announced that their iOS and OS X teams would join together as Scott Forstall leaves Apple. Craig Federighi (photo at right) will take over, leading the joined teams. Apple's press release stated, "This move brings together the OS teams to make it even easier to deliver the best technology and user experience innovations to both platforms."

At the October 2010 Back to the Mac event, Steve Jobs first discussed what would later be known as the "Post PC" world. He talked about including lessons from iOS in the new operating system, and highlighted how consumer-centered products were the future. Today's developments follow on from that initial road map, bringing the two operating systems under a single team.

Developer reaction to this change has been mixed. Some, speaking off the record, stated they do not feel that Apple's recent push towards bringing iOS features and design patterns has been a positive change for OS X.

OS X Mountain Lion introduced iOS-like application sandboxing and GateKeeper along with other iOS-originated features like Notification Center and Reminders. Sandboxing curtails OS X application development in very iOS-like ways. Applications must request specific "entitlements" that provide exemptions to OS-imposed barriers.

Forstall was notably not part of the October Event last week that introduced the fourth generation iPad, the iPad mini, and a revamped line of Macintoshes. The former VP of iOS, Forstall sold off 95 percent of his Apple shares this past May.

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