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Pandora app gets major redesign on Android and iOS with new social features

Pandora app gets major redesign on Android and iOS with new social features
Terrence O'Brien
Terrence O'Brien|@TerrenceOBrien|October 29, 2012 5:00 PM

Numerically, going from version 3.2 of an app to 4.0 makes much more sense than starting at 1.7. But, Pandora won't let a little thing like logic stand in its way. Today both the iOS and Android editions of the internet radio app are being updated to 4.0, regardless of the latter's lagging version number. 4.0 brings with it a significant refresh of the UI which Pandora bills as "uniform," though we'd call them feature equivalent instead. "Uniform" implies that the apps look exactly the same, when in fact they adhere to the to the design language of their respective platforms. In addition to a new look there's a lot of new capabilities baked in, including quicker access to genre stations and the ability to rename stations you've created. There's also a new personal music profile that offers a detailed timeline of your listening habits, which you can share with others. (You can also keep your profile private, just in case you're embarrassed about that Quad City DJ's station you're always listening to.) The new social angle is highlighted with a music feed page that lets you see what your friends and people with similar tastes are listening too. Hit up Google Play and iTunes to update now, and don't miss the gallery below and the PR after the break.

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Pandora Redefines Mobile Internet Radio
Pandora 4.0 for iOS and Android Smartphones Sets New Standard for Music Discovery, Exploration and Sharing

OAKLAND, Calif. October 29, 2012 – Pandora (NYSE: P), the leading internet radio service, today announced that the company's popular mobile application for both iOS and Android smartphones has undergone its biggest redesign since launching on the two major platforms.

Pandora 4.0 offers listeners a better music experience with expanded listening functionality, a detailed personal music profile, diverse social sharing capabilities and other innovative features that are available on mobile for the first time. Pandora 4.0, which marks the first time a uniform interface exists across both iOS and Android smartphone platforms, provides listeners an ideal environment for music discovery, exploration and sharing.

Pandora Chief Executive Officer and President Joe Kennedy said, "Our listeners' extraordinary embrace of personalized radio on their smartphones has enabled Pandora to reach massive scale in mobile. Over 115 million users have now accessed Pandora on a smartphone and more than 1 in 3 smartphone users in the US have listened to Pandora in the past month. With Pandora 4.0 we have combined years of innovation and learning into one cross-platform app that sets a new standard for mobile personalized radio."

Pandora, which now sees more than 75% of total listening taking place on mobile and other connected devices, also holds a leadership position in the mobile advertising market, where it is second only to Google in US mobile advertising revenue.

Featuring a completely redesigned listener interface, Pandora 4.0 on both iOS and Android smartphones includes:

Expanded Listening Functionality – Significantly upgraded core features of the app create an even better listening experience and include prominent placement of controls to easily add variety, shuffle specific stations, rename stations and view station details. Simplified navigation to browse genre stations on mobile for the first time makes the more than 400 genres of music on Pandora more easily accessible.
Robust Artist Pages – Designed for listeners to easily explore and learn more about the artist, album, track and station that is playing; includes improved artist biographies, album discographies, genome traits of the current track spinning and lyrics.
Personal Music Profile – Brand new music profile serves as a detailed timeline of Pandora listening for each user, capturing their personal musical preferences such as stations created, bookmarked tracks and thumb history. Listeners can choose to share their profile or keep it private.
Music Feed – New music activity feed offers a centralized place for listeners to find and follow friends and explore what listeners with similar musical tastes are discovering and enjoying on Pandora.
Instant Sharing Capabilities – Social sharing features are available on mobile for the first time with listeners able to easily share links to favorite stations and tracks with friends and followers on Pandora, Facebook and Twitter.

Pandora Chief Technology Officer and EVP of Product Tom Conrad said, "For more than a decade now our engineering team has been singularly focused on perfecting the personalized radio listening experience. Pandora 4.0 represents years of product development and innovation, both in the front end user interface and the backend infrastructure. By unifying our experience across the web and mobile we have put ourselves in a great position to lead the industry for years to come."

Pandora (NYSE: P) gives people music and comedy they love anytime, anywhere, through connected devices. Personalized stations launch instantly with the input of a single "seed" - a favorite artist, song or genre. The Music Genome Project®, a deeply detailed hand-built musical taxonomy, powers the personalization of Pandora® internet radio by using musicological "DNA" and constant listener feedback to craft personalized stations from a growing collection of hundreds of thousands of recordings. Tens of millions of people turn on Pandora every month to hear music they love. www.pandora.com

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Pandora app gets major redesign on Android and iOS with new social features