Tablet and smartphone use detailed by age group, gender

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Tablet and smartphone use detailed by age group, gender

In an effort to better understand the growing tablet and smartphone markets, Flurry Analytics studied over 30 million consumers to paint a picture of just who is utilizing the devices, and for what purpose. Some of the takeaways fall in line with what you might expect: The 25-34 age group dominates both smartphone and tablet use, gadget owners are more likely to use their devices between 7 PM and 11 PM, etc.

But there are also a few more interesting tidbits. For example, while the age spread of smartphone ownership peaks between 25 and 34 and falls sharply as age progresses, tablet ownership is much more spread out. The average age of a tablet owner is 34 years, but the 35-54 age bracket still accounts for 24 percent of the overall total. Those in the 55-plus group make up 17 percent of the total, which is quite large when compared to the 7 percent of overall smartphone owners in that same age bracket.

Another somewhat surprising statistic is the amount of time people spend playing games on their tablets. Of all the ways those surveyed use their devices, tablet owners played games 67 percent of the time they picked up their slates. This is compared to smartphone owners who played games 39 percent of the time they were using their handsets.

Flurry also found that while tablets were used less often when compared to smartphones, the amount of time spent using the device each session beat out that of its smaller counterpart. You can check out the full breakdown of results on Flurry's blog, and then let us know if you see any glaring abnormalities when compared to your own experiences.

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