Appigo launches Todo Pro, a task list synchronization and collaboration service

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Appigo launches Todo Pro, a task list synchronization and collaboration service

Appigo overhauled its Todo Online sync service and replaced it with a task synchronization and collaboration solution. The new Todo Pro service lets you seamlessly sync your tasks across your Mac and iOS devices.

Todo Pro is an improvement over Appigo's former online sync service and is much faster at syncing your tasks across devices. Besides syncing, Todo Pro also lets you share your task lists with co-workers, family or friends. When a list is shared with others, these people can view the tasks, make comments and leave notes for other members to see. It's a great solution for a small workforce or a family that wants to share shopping lists, packing lists and more.

The service is powered by a web app that is accessible from any desktop browser. There are companion iPhone, iPad and Mac apps so you can access your task lists on almost any device. Todo Pro integrates with Siri so you can use the voice assistant to add a reminder. It also supports advanced features like subtasks, repeating tasks, GTD and full task searching.

The Mac and iOS App are available for free from the Mac App Store and the iTunes App Store. You can try out the new Todo Pro for free by signing up for a basic account. A premium account, which lets you connect the mobile, desktop and web apps, costs US$1.99 per month or $20 per year. The premium account also includes Siri integration, email notifications and an unlimited number of shared lists.

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