Microsoft posts Windows Phone 8 SDK, kicks off a new era for apps

Microsoft posts Windows Phone 8 SDK, lets developers get cracking at last

The word "finally" is often abused (including by us), but here it's deserved: after months of knowing about Windows Phone 8 with little to do but wait or support rival platforms, developers can finally download version 8.0 of the Windows Phone SDK. The kit lets teams get cracking on apps that take advantage of the Windows 8-related code base in Windows Phone 8 and all the hooks that go with the new OS, such as the broader hardware support, ties to the lock screen and Wallet. You'd better be an early adopter on the desktop if you're eager to start programming for the equally new mobile platform, though -- the SDK won't run on anything less than a 64-bit copy of Windows 8. We're still anticipating a much improved ecosystem now that Windows Phone app writers can do more than twiddle their thumbs.