What's in a Name: Red Barrels

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What's in a Name: Red Barrels
David Chateauneuf and Philippe Morin are both ex-Ubisoft guys who always wanted to make a horror game but couldn't while employed by the French publisher. Now the two have struck out on their own to form Red Barrels, an independent studio currently working on the Unreal-powered Outlast. We asked them how they could possibly come up with such an original name as Red Barrels.

"Actually, coming up with the name was one of the hardest things. Doing the trailer was pretty easy and straightforward, but agreeing upon the name was harder than we expected. We had to do lists and votes and stuff like that. Eventually it just came down to what everybody was cool with. And also I guess we thought that it would give us an opportunity to do something cool visually. So it was basically going through a list, voting and what everyone felt comfortable with, we went with that."

In response to that, I asked if Red Barrels was a democratic studio – a decision by committee kind of outfit.

"We have a pretty flat structure – I wouldn't say it's democratic, but pretty close to it."

Outlast is launching sometime in 2013 on PC (Steam) through an agreement with Valve.

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