iFixit looks inside the iPad mini

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iFixit looks inside the iPad mini

iFixit looks inside the iPad mini

On the eve of the big iPad mini retail launch, iFixit managed to secure one of these petite-sized tablets and proceeded to tear the unit down. Early analysis of the mini shows that, internally, it is more than just a small version of the iPad.

According to iFixit, the iPad mini is the first iOS device to include two speakers. iFixit attributes this change to the small size of the Lightning port, which let Apple squeeze in a speaker on either side of the connecter.

Unlike other iPads that had replaceable dock connectors, the Lightning dock on the iPad mini is soldered to the logic board. If you damage your charging port, it could be an expensive fix. Thankfully, the Lightning connector is designed to be inserted in any orientation, which should lessen accidental damage to the charging connection.

iFixit examined the display assembly on the iPad mini and found that the LCD display and the front glass were seperate entities. This design decision will make it less expensive to replace a cracked glass screen. Despite rumors that Apple was ditching Samsung, the iPad mini disassembled by iFixit also includes a Samsung display. Samsung denied the rumor and this confirms that Samsung is still supplying some displays for Apple.

As of the writing of this post, iFixit is still analyzing the device. Head over to the repair company's website and follow the tear down as it unfolds.

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