Over 1 million Samsung HDTVs sold in the US last month

If it wasn't busy enough selling millions upon millions of smartphones, Samsung's TV department has proven it's no slouch either, with a record 1.15 million sets sold last month in the US alone. After noting "potential demand for super large TV," Samsung's focusing its attentions on the 75-inch ES9000 to help it sell the next million. Trumping its first million-selling month one year ago, it's pretty good going at a time when plenty of viewers are now happily settled with their HDTV setup.

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Samsung TV's US Monthly Sales Hit New Record High

Samsung TV reached new monthly sales high of 1.15 million in Oct this year in US after touching the 1 Million sales' milestone about a year ago. With stellar sales performances under its belt, Samsung TV is aiming high to claim the 7th consecutive global best seller title. The 1.15 million sales records especially in fiercely competitive North American market is largely contributable to premium marketing, efficient supply management strategy, and technology prowess. Samsung Electronics has put the 75 inch ES9000 Smart TV at the forefront of its premium marketing to consolidate its market leadership knowing that the potential demand for super large TV is there in the US market.