Leaked dev blog: Bungie's Destiny project 'still quite like Halo'

Jef Reahard
J. Reahard|11.07.12

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Leaked dev blog: Bungie's Destiny project 'still quite like Halo'
Leaked dev blog - Bungie's Destiny project 'still quite like Halo'
Remember Bungie? Its Halo franchise helped define the console shooter genre, and even though it surrendered the IP to Microsoft and had nothing to do with this week's ginormous Halo 4 release, the firm is still on our radar.

That's because its Destiny project is still in full swing, and Kotaku has published excerpts from an internal Demonware blog, whose author got some hands-on time with the game at a recent company function.

So, wait, who or what is Demonware? It's a development firm that "handles online infrastructure for Activision's titles and also lists Bungie" as a partner, Kotaku says. In any event, a senior Demonware employee wrote the following on the company blog (which has since been removed):

"This is not a dedicated server game, but there is some simulation and coordination running in their server infrastructure. The game was up and down a lot, playing in a team of three we did manage to experience entering a zone to find other players already taking on the bad guys. It's cooperative so we helped out [...] before both groups went their separate ways." The author went on to compare the game's "sense of exploration" to Elite, and he also said that Destiny is "still quite like Halo."
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