Vergil is playable in DmC DLC 'Vergil's Downfall,' out early 2013

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Vergil is playable in DmC DLC 'Vergil's Downfall,' out early 2013

"Vergil's Downfall" is the first DLC pack announced for DmC: Devil May Cry, and it contains Dante's twin brother, Vergil, as a playable character.

Vergil's Downfall will be available via XBLA and PSN for $9 (720 MS Points) in early 2013, and Capcom makes sure to note that it is not on-disc DLC. North American pre-orders through GameStop or EB Games get a code to download the content, along with the Samurai Weapons Pack, at no charge.

Vergil's Downfall tells "the untold story of Dante's twin brother," and considering it's labeled "downfall," we wouldn't bet that it's a particularly happy tale. The above trailer shows Vergil fighting with his classic Yamato sword, and the DLC promises new weapons, locations, enemies, combos and a separate storyline.

Vergil is also playable in Devil May Cry 3. Earlier this year we asked producer Motohide Eshiro if Vergil would make a similar appearance in DmC, but at the time we were told only "there's more to come; watch this space."
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Experience a brand new chapter of the DmC Devil May Cry adventure with Vergil's Downfall, the untold story of Dante's twin brother Vergil which will be downloadable* from XBLA and PSN. Vergil's Downfall offers fans the opportunity to play as one of the most wanted Devil May Cry characters, Vergil, in an all new storyline with fresh gameplay including new weapons, combos, enemies, and locations.

Vergil's Downfall will be available shortly after launch for 720 MS points and $8.99 on PlayStation Network. North American consumers who pre-order DmC Devil May Cry at GameStop or EB Canada will receive a redeemable code to access Vergil's Downfall at no charge when the content becomes available.

DmC Devil May Cry arrives on Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 on January 15, 2013 across North America and Europe with a PC version shortly after.

*Please note that this DLC is not on the retail disc and is only available via download post launch
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