Emo Labs becomes ClearView Audio, assures product unveiling at CES 2013

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Emo Labs becomes ClearView Audio, assures product unveiling at CES 2013

We haven't heard a peep from Emo Labs since it was plugging its invisible speaker technology all those years ago, but now it's back with a fresh name and a full bank account. The company has dropped its previous title to become ClearView Audio, and has secured another $1 million in funding which it will use to launch products with its Edge Motion technology. To jumpstart your memory, the reimagined speakers consist of a clear acrylic glass membrane, which produces sound when the sides are flexed by piezoelectric actuators. "Commercially ready products" are expected to be revealed at CES 2013, and we'll be interested to know whether the original strategy of integrating them into displays remains the same. Given the long period of silence, we hope to be pleasantly surprised come January, but we'll just have to wait and see hear.

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Emo Labs Changes Company Name to ClearView™ Audio

New name more accurately reflects company's transition from pure R&D to the commercial application of its game changing speaker technology.

Waltham, MA. – November 5, 2012

Emo Labs, the leader in invisible speakers, today announced its new company name, ClearView Audio. With the potential to reinvent the speaker industry, the company is changing its name from Emo Labs to ClearView Audio to better reflect the company's commercial ability to leverage its unique and patented Edge Motion™ technology that can create high quality audio from a flat clear membrane using piezo electronics.

"Today's unveiling of ClearView Audio marks a significant milestone for our company. The Emo Labs name, which originally was an abbreviation for Edge Motion, no longer adequately represented our business, our commercially ready products, our expertise, and our position as the world's recognized leader in invisible speakers," explained Stefan Bokamper, Chief Executive Officer for ClearView Audio. "ClearView Audio name embodies our emergence from pure R&D into the realm of commercialization of our game changing speaker technology."

Effective immediately, all future business activity will be conducted using the new name. There has been no change in the company's management or ownership.

About ClearView Audio.
ClearView Audio, headquartered on Boston's legendary Route 128 technology corridor, believes that good design, innovative engineering, and advanced digital media technology are key to the enjoyment of audio in the home. ClearView Audio has developed unique technology – Edge Motion technology that can create high quality audio from a flat clear membrane. ClearView Audio branded décor-friendly audio solutions are designed for consumer and commercial use. The company has also partnered with leading consumer electronics companies who want to offer the benefits of Edge Motion audio-enabled products to the global consumer marketplace.

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Emo Labs, Inc. Raises $1.05 Million

Starts doing business as ClearView™ Audio

Waltham, MA – November 5, 2012 – Emo Labs, Inc., the developer of invisible loudspeaker systems, today announced that it has secured $1.05 million in funding from a group of private investors. The company, Emo Labs, Inc., now does business as ClearView™ Audio.

Clear Sounds Beautiful

Conventional speakers have used the same technology for more than 80 years. Most of these conventional speakers are housed in unattractive "black boxes." As a result, rooms are visually blocked, cluttered with wires and interior design aesthetics are compromised. ClearView Audio's cutting edge, patented Edge Motion™ technology uses a very different principle to generate sound. Instead of pushing a traditional cone speaker from behind with a magnet, Edge Motion-driven speakers work with a thin, slightly curved membrane that is actuated along the edge area in a manner that creates an efficient, piston-like motion in front. The resultant speaker is extremely thin – yet produces a rich, full sound across the audio spectrum. The membrane is made from optically clear material that allows for totally new, invisible speaker designs.

"This new funding will be used towards launching our first consumer electronics product. Our products will be truly unique – clear audio from an invisible speaker that is beautiful and décor-friendly," said Stefan Bokamper, CEO.

ClearView Audio will be announcing the company's new products at the 2013 International Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, January 8-11, 2013. The company will be exhibiting its new products at Eureka Park, a specialized TechZone exhibition area with The Venetian.

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