London Games Festival exhibition art being auctioned for charity

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London Games Festival exhibition art being auctioned for charity
Organizers of The London Games Festival's large exhibition of video game-related art, which concluded in October, are going to auction off all of the pieces on display for charity's sake. There are over 100 works going out, covering games like Batman: Arkham City, Fable 3, and Dishonored. All of the profit from the auction will go to support SpecialEffect, a charity dedicated to improving the quality of life for anyone with disabilities.

You can browse through the gallery of art on the Festival's website right now, and they're also taking bids on all pieces at this time. Not all of the art is available for auction right away, but eventually it'll all be up for offer, with new weekly pieces up until December 3. If there's something in there that floats your boat and you feel like paying a little bit of money to charity for some great art, bid away.
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