Patch 5.1: Razorgore, other old world bosses made easier

Blackwing Lair has long been my one of my favorite raids of all time. Not only did it have some fun, interesting, and even emotional boss fights back in its day, the weapon and tier gear graphics are still some of the best to this day. Unfortunately, going back in there for transmogrification gear has been a bit of a pain. This is because Razorgore, the first boss, must be done by at least two players: One to mind control him, one to kill the adds.

Patch 5.1 ends that. Not only can Razorgore be soloed (in theory), but a couple of other older dungeon bosses have been tweaked just a little.

Patch 5.1 PTR Patch Notes

  • The Tidal Shield cast by High Warlord Naj'entus now has a reduced duration.

  • Razorgore the Untamed no longer takes extra damage from Black Talon enemies, has more health, and can cast Destroy Egg more frequently.

  • Viscidus now requires significantly fewer hits to freeze and shatter.

Having checked a couple bosses out myself, I can say that while they appear noticably easier, you shouldn't get too cocky. Razorgore's Destroy Egg cooldown, for example, is down to 1.5 seconds, but there are still a lot of eggs to bring down. If you aren't careful, either you or he will probably be beaten down by all the adds before you can get them all down. Really, I'm kind of rooting for another nerf (perhaps to the number of eggs or adds) before the patch goes live.

Still, anything that makes it easier to get at those sweet weapons off the later bosses (and the cool new battle pets they drop) is fine with me. Bring on patch 5.1.

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