Recon updates its HUD tech, adds new view modes to MOD Live

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Joseph Volpe
November 21st, 2012
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Recon updates its HUD tech, adds new view modes to MOD Live

Heads-up MOD Live lovers: Recon's ready to update that ski slope tech with a fresher look. Available now on the company's dedicated Engage site, is a software package that enhances the goggle's current feature set with the addition of three view modes. Leveraging the unit's inbuilt GPS, the new Radar setting allows users to gain more accurate positioning info, keep close tabs on fellow skiers, as well as access interactive resort maps. Users keen on a more up-close look at the surrounding slopes can shift into Perspective mode, which handily tracks head orientation. And lastly, for a pared-down experience, there's a compass overlay that provides users with a more "traditional" means of navigation. If you haven't already jump started your HUD-infused mask with this latest OS, you can head to the source below to get started.

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Recon Instruments Releases ReconOS for Heads-up Display, including 3D Interactive Navigation

New software package from Recon Instruments makes HUD experience more interactive and intuitive

VANCOUVER, 19th November 2012 – Recon Instruments, award-winning innovator of Heads-up Display (HUD) technology for action sports, today released ReconOS, the company's latest software that delivers a completely new experience to Recon's MOD Live HUD customers.

Hot on the heels of the launch of Recon and Oakley's Airwave goggle collaboration all MOD Live owners can now take advantage of this exciting new HUD experience, downloadable from

Included in this latest software release is the new Radar app which utilizes the built-in precision GPS sensors onboard the HUD to provide information on current location, 3D interactive resort maps, and buddy tracking. Radar offers three different views which can be selected according to the user's preference using the HUDs wireless remote.

Radar View: provides a high-level snapshot of the resort and shows the user's location and points of interest. GPS ensures the resort maps load automatically from the bank of 600 maps stored on the HUD.

Perspective View: gives the user a closer view at the resort maps, facilitating navigation in real-time. The angle of view on the interactive map adjusts with the user's every head movement.

Compass View: for backcountry skiers and riders away from the comfort of a ski resort, the compass view allows them to navigate the traditional way, wherever they are on the mountain.

In conjunction with the release of ReconOS, Recon has launched the Engage platform that includes smartphone applications for Android and iPhone (4S or newer). Engage allows users to view and upload trips to Trip Viewer, where they can review and re-live their feats. Engage also provides a platform with which the user can interact and share mountain experiences with others on leading social networks.

The accompanying Engage mobile apps, downloadable for Android or iPhone (4S or newer), unlock the full potential of Recon HUD technology. The apps allow users to view SMS, caller ID, control music on their smartphones, and track buddies around any of the resort maps that are stored on the HUD, direct-to-eye, in real-time, as well as view trips using Trip Viewer.

"The release of Engage is what all iPhone users of our HUD technology have been waiting for. Until now, only Android smartphone users have been able to take advantage of the SMS, caller ID and music control functions offered by our HUDs. We are excited that iPhone users now have these game-changing features available to them." said Dan Eisenhardt, CEO of Recon Instruments. "These features are a big part of our completely new Engage platform".

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