Guild Wars 2 sells makeovers, explains authenticator issue

Justin Olivetti
J. Olivetti|11.27.12

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Guild Wars 2 sells makeovers, explains authenticator issue
Guild Wars 2 sells makeovers, explains authenticator issue
If you haven't been completely satisfied with how you styled your Guild Wars 2 character to look but don't have the heart (or time) to reroll, ArenaNet has a solution... for a price. The studio added two options to the game's cash shop that allow players to fiddle with their characters' visuals.

The new items are a self-style hair kit (which costs 250 gems but can be purchased in bulk) and a total makeover kit (this goes for 350 gems and also has a bulk purchase option). While the total makeover will allow for a change in height, hair, skin, and even gender, it does not include a name change.

ArenaNet also addressed an authenticator issue that arose when players noticed that the game stopped asking for the code. It turns out that the team switched to an updated version of the system that remembers computer locations verified by email and will not ask for an authenticator code from that place. Security Coordinator Mike Lewis reassured players that their game was still safe: "Please be aware that your accounts are still protected by the mobile authenticator at this time."
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