Rdio for iOS gets a 2.0 makeover, revamped design

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Mike Wehner
November 28th, 2012
Rdio for iOS gets a 2.0 makeover, revamped design

Rdio for iOS gets a 20 makeover, revamped designEver-popular streaming music app Rdio has just received a pretty extensive makeover. As Engadget reports, Rdio's new 2.0 overhaul not only tweaks the app's aesthetic qualities, but also adds a few very welcome new features.

Cashing in its old design for a much cleaner, brighter and Apple-esque approach, Rdio's new layout is easier to navigate than ever. On top of that, the app features a new navigation bar that minimizes the need to flip between screens to get where you need to go. Additionally, Version 2.0 introduces what Rdio calls a Unified Player to the iOS app, which syncs your current musical selection across all your Rdio-equipped devices.

As always, the app is free to download, but an auto-renewing monthly subscription to Rdio's wide array of music will set you back US$14.99.

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