Mortal Online is now free-to-play with a video to prove it

Shawn Schuster
S. Schuster|11.29.12

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Mortal Online is now free-to-play with a video to prove it
Mortal Online is now freetoplay with a video to prove it
The epic sandbox MMO Mortal Online has gone free-to-play today, allowing any interested player to have access to the entire game for the low, low price of zero!

The new business model allows for a free account as well as a Premier account status with a regular subscription rate as low as nine Euro a month (with discounts given to bulk time purchases and Facebook users). Premium status opens the skill levels to 100, while F2P players are restricted to 60. Premium accounts also allow thievery skills and expensive object looting and trading. Both free and Premium players have the option to expand the characters slots from one to four, but customers who bought the game before will be grandfathered in with three slots.

Be sure to check out all the details on the switchover over at the official forums, and enjoy the F2P trailer embedded after the cut.

[Thanks to all who sent this one in!]

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