Everything there is to know about EVE Online's Retribution expansion

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Everything there is to know about EVE Online's Retribution expansion
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EVE Online's PvP-focused Retribution expansion went live today, adding new features and balance changes players have been anticipating for years. Retribution is EVE's 18th free expansion, and introduces some very interesting new bounty hunting and criminal justice systems. Players can now place bounties on any pilot or organisation, which are paid out in chunks to anyone who deals significant financial damage to them. If that isn't enough revenge for you, players will even be able to hunt down criminals with open kill rights on them and exact mob justice.

The expansion also brings overhauls to countless EVE ships as part of an ongoing effort to remove ship tiers and give every ship its own role in fleet combat. A new destroyer-class ship for each races gives new players more combat options, and the ORE mining frigate lowers the barrier to entry for miners. PvE-focused players have a new salvage drone toy to play with and advanced NPC AI to counter, while PvP is set to be shaken up with ship rebalances and a new micro-jumpdrive module.

Read on for a full roundup of everything there is to know about EVE Online's Retribution expansion.

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EVE Online dev blog details changes to Drone Regions coming in Retribution
Not all regions are created equally, and that's something EVE Online devs are fixing. No, that doesn't mean all regions will be boring carbon copies.
EVE adding three-state safety system, safe logoff feature
Ready for another cutesily titled dev blog from CCP? Today's entry is Happy Safe Fun Time, and it outlines the new safety system and safe logoff features in EVE Online.
CCP lays out the details on EVE's revamped bounties, kill rights, and more
It's time to learn about what CCP has been up to in EVE Online! The newest dev blog is just brimming with juicy tidbits on the team's work for Retribution, especially concerning the bounty, kill rights, and war systems.
EVE Online sorts out its inventory system
While inventory management might not be at the top of everyone's most-anticipated expansion features, CCP is going to lengths to drum up enthusiasm for EVE Online's upcoming inventory overhaul.
EVE Online prepares to roll out Retribution ship rebalancing
With EVE Online's newest expansion, Retribution, only a couple of weeks away, the devs are all abuzz over the features and changes coming with it.
CCP's Team Klang revamping EVE's soundscape, removing jukebox
EVE Online is full of sound and fury, but does it signify anything? We'll leave that up to you. What we can tell you is that the title's sound suite is undergoing something of a revamp.
EVE Online maps out 2013 balance changes
With changes to Retribution ships scheduled to land in EVE Online on December 4th, the dev team is already casting its sights to 2013 for additional tweaks to other tiers of ships.
EVE Online dev blog discusses Bounty System revamp
It takes some impressive cojones for a game developer to come right out and say that one of its game's systems is broken, but that's exactly what CCP has done in the latest EVE Online dev blog.
EVE Online video and dev blog detail improvements coming with Retribution
In a new video released today by CCP, we're treated to a guided tour of the teams responsible for EVE Online's winter expansion: Retribution.
EVE Online posts an update to the state of Crimewatch
Criminals in EVE Online aren't just a cowardly and superstitious lot; they're a cowardly and superstitious lot with spaceships and powerful weapons.
CCP unveils EVE Online: Retribution, coming this winter
Earlier this evening at the VETO EVE fan gathering in London, CCP announced EVE Online's 18th expansion: EVE Online: Retribution. Due in December, this latest content overhaul promises to bring some of the biggest changes yet to the space-themed sandbox MMO, which is steadily ramping up for its 10th anniversary next May.

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EVE Evolved: Retribution expansion highlights
EVE Online's PvP-focused Retribution expansion goes live in just a few days on December 4th, bringing with it a whole series of balance changes, UI updates, and new features.
EVE Evolved: Three ways to break Retribution
EVE Online's upcoming Retribution expansion is set to revolutionise PvP with its brand-new criminal and bounty hunting systems. Players will be able to hunt down criminals who show their faces in highsec, and bounty hunters will track not just individuals but also entire corporations and alliances.
EVE Evolved: Bounty hunting and revenge
Last week I looked into the major PvP changes coming in EVE Online's upcoming Retribution expansion, from the piracy revamp to a new global flagging system that puts players in the driving seat of justice.
EVE Evolved: Player justice in Retribution
This week CCP released a new devblog on upcoming piracy and PvP changes heading to EVE Online with this winter's Retribution expansion. In addition to new ships and an as-yet unrevealed bounty hunter revamp, Retribution completely redesigns the Crimewatch system that decides whom you can legally shoot and stops players from docking or jumping out of the system in the middle of combat.
EVE Evolved: The great ship overhaul
One of EVE Online's most important features is that the game is constantly updated to avoid falling behind the development curve and being overtaken by new titles.
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