Casio's G-Shock watch plays nice with your iPhone

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Casio's G-Shock watch plays nice with your iPhone

I haven't worn a watch in years (my always-on-me smartphone has a clock after all) but for those of you who still do, you may want to check out the Casio G-Shock GB6900. The US$180 smart watch features Bluetooth 4.0 and syncs with your iPhone 4S or iPhone 5.

Besides looking cool and telling you the time, the G-Shock GB6900 pairs with your iPhone via the G-SHOCK+ app. The sync allows your watch to beep and/or vibrate when you get an incoming call, alerts you to when you have a new email message, syncs time between your phone and watch, and offers a Find My iPhone-type of feature that allows you to locate your iPhone via sending a command from your watch to your iPhone which then emits a tone alert so you can track it down.

Given that Bluetooth requires devices to be in close proximity, all of the watch's features seem redundant since your iPhone must be nearby for it to work. Still, if you wear a watch and want to look more James Bond than normal, this could be the piece of tech for you.

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