Apple rejects Mac app update that shows iTunes 11 notifications

An app update has been rejected from the Mac App Store for using Notification Center in a way Apple says is wrong. Listening To is a US$1.99 app by developer Sherief Farouk, and the whole point of the app is to get a notification whenever iTunes plays a new music track. It seems straightforward -- sure, that can be a lot of notifications, but if that's what you want, it should work.

However, Apple said no when Farouk tried to submit an update to the app this week. He tells The Loop that his update was rejected from the App Store, and that Apple told him using Notification Center in this way was "a misuse." Here's the weirdest part: Even if that was an issue, that functionality wasn't limited to the update. The app is still available for download.

So we're not sure what's happening here. Most likely, Apple just crossed its wires, and it needs to decide whether sending notifications is a misuse of Notification Center or not. Presumably, because the app hasn't been pulled yet, Farouk will be able to make his case and release the update. Apple might not like running such "common" notifications through its service, but is this any more useless than all of the spam notifications that pop up on iPhone apps?