Sony launches web store for PlayStation games, movies and TV shows (update: Europe-only, PS3 downloads work!)

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Sony launches webstore for PlayStation games, movies and TV shows
Sony launches webstore for PlayStation games, movies and TV shows

Catching up to Microsoft's own web-based Xbox store, Sony's unleashed a new online store for its movie, TV and video content-- but neglected to mention it. Titled the Sony Entertainment Network, and separate to its own book store we were able to login to the UK site and found that content pricing matched what we've seen on the PlayStation Store and other Sony digital shops. As an example, the complete Mass Effect trilogy rings in at £60 ($96), although Sony is kind enough to offer links to discounted titles, PlayStation Plus highlights and other offers at the top of the browsing sidebar -- Tokyo Jungle is today's holiday deal at £5 ($8). Purchases can be done through the store, with the product downloaded to your game console when it's turned on next. Video content, meanwhile, can be purchased and then played on your PC, as well as on the PlayStation 3, PS Vita, PSP, Sony Tablets and compatible Xperia smartphones. Even if you're balking at some of those early prices, it might be worth browsing through some more palatable festive deals by visiting the source below. We'll have more when we hear the official line from Sony.

Update: We've been unable to access our downloads just yet, something that was also noted by Eurogamer, which spotted that content can also be purchased through Paypal. PlayStation Blog manager Fred Dutton has added that the store is currently under testing, and that Sony are set to announce the full details of the service soon -- no harm in taking an early look, however.

Update 2: After digging around in our PS3's network settings, we were able to discover our web-based purchases and start downloading them to the console, although it wasn't the most clearcut way to get to them. Unfortunately, it looks like the service won't officially launch until next week and our US editors have had no luck connecting to the service so far, suggesting that at this stage it's still being tested before being rolled out further.