Sprint reportedly wooing Dish with spectrum sharing and MVNO possibilities

Sprint reportedly wooing dish with an MVNO and spectrum sharing arrangement

Spectrum is a valuable and finite resource, but it seems that Sprint has an overabundance of the stuff. In addition to the capacity needed for its namesake operation, along with its Boost and Virgin Mobile properties, the Now Network is currently leasing its capacity to Ting, FreedomPop, Republic Wireless, Voyager Mobile, Elevate and pretty much any other company that's willing to ink a contract. Now, Bloomberg reports that Sprint's looking to bring a biggie on board. According to the outlet's anonymous sources, Sprint has approached Dish Network with an offer that would allow the satellite company to establish itself as a wireless provider by using the Now Network's airwaves. Curiously, a fee-based arrangement isn't the only topic of discussion, as it's also said that Sprint is exploring a spectrum sharing arrangement with Dish that would put the satellite company's unused spectrum licenses to use.

For all the potential that such an agreement could provide, talks between the companies are currently said to be in a holding pattern while the FCC completes its review of Dish's spectrum holdings. As proof that the duo aren't completely cozy, Sprint is currently lobbying the regulatory agency to impose rules that Dish insists would reduce the viability of its spectrum. Oh, the irony.

[Cell tower photo credit: Paul O'Keefe / Flickr]