City of Steam hits support goal, revamps hotbars

Justin Olivetti
J. Olivetti|12.11.12

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City of Steam hits support goal, revamps hotbars
City of Steam hits support goal, revamps hotbars
The fanbase has rallied around City of Steam, sending its "Steam-o-Meter" shooting straight to the top. Mechanist Games announced that the community topped the meter with four million points, which means that the company is making good on its promise to include more content for the developing title.

The new content that's coming to the game includes a Marshpuggle pet, a steampunk motorcycle, the Dwarf race, and an as-of-yet-unspecified way of shaming developers. There are pictures for several of these, including a couple teasing a special reward.

The team also overhauled the game's hotbar, saying that while the old design was functional and aesthetically pleasing, the devs thought they could do better. The new hotbar not only has more of that gear-happy look but has a convenient button for emotes.
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