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Former Halo creator working on Morning Star for iOS

Mike Schramm
Mike Schramm|December 11, 2012 2:30 PM

Alex Seropian is one of the first game developers I ever interviewed -- he's one of the original creators of Halo back at Bungie Studios (back when it was being planned as a real-time strategy title for the Mac), and I met up with him when I worked at a PR firm one floor below his company Wideload Games (which was later bought up by Disney). Now, he's started a new company in Los Angeles called Industrial Toys, and today they've announced their first title, a shooter called Morning Star that the team hopes will "reimagine" the genre "for touch."

There's a teaser trailer for the game (embedded below), and as you can see, Industrial Toys isn't skimping on graphical quality. Other than a few fleeting images, however, there's not much more information about this one. It's got aliens, shooting and a new control scheme that's supposed to work great on touch devices. Industrial Toys says its "totally unreasonable goal is to completely change the expectations core gamers have for their mobile games."

That's a totally unreasonable goal that plenty of iOS developers have already tried to accomplish, and one that I'd argue a few companies (most notably Epic, with the very popular Infinity Blade) have actually completed. But Industrial Toys does have a lot of cred with Seropian and the rest of the crew, so Morning Star will be one to watch.

Former Halo creator working on Morning Star for iOS