Rage, Sleeping Dogs DLC packs firing up on PSN Dec. 18 [Update: Rage DLC also on 360/PC, details confirmed]

Rage, Sleeping Dogs DLC packs firing up on PSN Dec 18

Rage and Sleeping Dogs are getting new DLC expansions on PSN via next week's North American store update. As revealed by this week's PlayStation Blogcast, December 18 sees Rage receive the long-rumored "The Scorchers" content, while Sleeping Dogs receives its second gameplay-extending DLC with the "Zodiac Tournament Pack."

Rage publisher Bethesda and developer id haven't disclosed any details on The Scorchers, although uncovered trophies suggest it brings a new job path and "Ultra Nightmare Difficulty" to the shooter. As for Zodiac Tournament Pack, publisher Square Enix revealed it introduces a new island area to Sleeping Dogs, along with two unlockable outfits and some extra fighting moves to unleash.

The podcast also revealed Karateka makes the jump to PSN on December 18, along with PS3 digital downloads of Lego Lord of the Rings and Batman: Arkham Asylum.

We've reached out to publishers Square Enix and Bethesda for more information on the Sleeping Dogs and Rage DLC packs respectively.

Update: Bethesda has officially announced The Scorchers over on its official blog, confirming the addition of an "Ultra Nightmare" difficulty level, as well as six new areas, new mini-games and a new Nailgun weapon. The DLC pack will also arrive on Xbox 360 and PC this Tuesday.