The Daily Grind: What's on your MMO gift wish list?

Justin Olivetti
J. Olivetti|12.16.12

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The Daily Grind What's on your MMO gift wish list
With the holiday season in full swing, plenty of birthdays going on, Wookiee Life Day approaching, and the apocalypse looming over it all, it's definitely a time to be giving and getting lots of presents. As members of a particular and peculiar subset of gamers, it stands to reason that our gift desires might be a tad different than those of Muggles.

So what's on your MMO gift wish list this month? Is there a game that you'd love to find in your stocking? Have you had your eye on a particular cash shop item -- and dropped enough hints to your friends that this is your heart's desire? Would you love to get MMO-themed clothes, toys, or other physical objects to show off your hobby to the world?

Lay it on us: What does your wish list look like? While Massively writers might not be so rich as to get you everything on your list, you never know when a secret admirer might be reading the comments looking for ideas to make your day.

Every morning, the Massively bloggers probe the minds of their readers with deep, thought-provoking questions about that most serious of topics: massively online gaming. We crave your opinions, so grab your caffeinated beverage of choice and chime in on today's Daily Grind!
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