Massively is looking for San Francisco freelancers

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Massively is looking for San Francisco freelancers
Massively is looking for San Francisco freelancers
If you follow Ask Massively, you're probably aware of Massively's ethics policy -- you know, the one that keeps us from accepting awesome "free" trips to check out awesome games from awesome developers in awesome cities where we do not happen to have staff.

That's where freelancers come in. This round, we're looking for a freelancer in San Francisco, California, to attend events for us on occasion and write about the games previewed there. It won't be a full- or part-time staff position; you'd just be called on for these special events when they crop up. We'd like to think it'd be a nice way for a local to get some industry experience, have some fun, and make some pocket change.

Here's the skinny on what we're looking for and how you can apply.

Massively is looking for San Francisco freelancers
We're looking for San Francisco freelancers whom we can call upon to attend special gaming events for us throughout the year. We can receive up to several invitations per month or none at all, so flexibility is a must.

  • Residency in or near San Francisco and ability to travel into the city and its surrounding areas on your own. Travel expenses will not be reimbursed (but hey, they're tax deductible).
  • Availability during typical event timeframes. Most studio events take place during the day on weekdays. That's when we'll need you.
  • Strong writing and interviewing skills. You will be chatting with developers and writing up your experiences during and after events.
  • Professionalism. No really. You'll be writing for us immediately after events, not scooping up swag, shmoozing devs, or getting drunk at after-parties.
  • Experience with MMOs and the MMO gaming industry. You'll need to be an MMO gamer to write and ask questions about the genre with any authority.
  • Possession of a reliable computer and internet connection. You'll be writing up your articles and submitting them to us online.
  • Willingness to respond promptly to email, IM, and phone. We need to be able to get in touch with you quickly prior to and during events. Accessibility is critical.
Plusses (tell us about these!)
  • Familiarity with blogging software, AP style standards, and the Joystiq/Massively editorial voice.
  • Html skills, image-editing skills, video interview experience/equipment, and liveblogging experience.
  • Familiarity with "not so massively" games like MOBAs and MMOFPS titles.
  • Ambition to attend larger-scale local conventions in California.
You must be 18 or older and eligible to work in the U.S. This opening is for a freelance position, not a full-time or part-time staff position; it pays per article at a confidential rate to be disclosed to selected applicants.

To apply to become a San Francisco freelancer, please email the following in an application to
  • Contact information, including your full name, full address, phone number, email address, and any instant messenger accounts at which you can be reached.
  • A paragraph explaining why you're awesome for this job.
  • A paragraph discussing your gaming experience.
  • A sample post in the style of a typical Massively news post (just the text).
  • Five sample interview questions that you might pose after viewing this video.
Do not include attachments, images, formal resumes, or excessive formatting. In the subject line of the email, include your full name and the title of the position for which you're applying (i.e., ANTONIA BAYLE -- Freelancer). The deadline for applications is 11:59 p.m. EDT on December 31st. We expect to be putting one of you to work starting with an event in January.

We don't really care about degrees or resumes. Either you can do the job or you can't. Prove to us you can.
At the end of the application phase, the lead editors will review the submissions and select the best for our freelance pool. Because of the number of applications we receive, we cannot respond to all submissions or acknowledge receipt of your work. Please don't contact us about permanent employment; we're not hiring dedicated staff right now, nor do we need freelancers in other cities. If you're looking for a heavier work load, why not give WoW Insider a try? Our sister publication is hiring writers too.

Feel free to leave questions in the comments or send us a tip. Good luck!
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