Report reveals just 34% of apps released in 2012 were paid

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Mike Wehner
December 17, 2012 6:30 PM
Report reveals just 34% of apps released in 2012 were paid

The App Store is a very different place than it was four years ago, and nothing makes that point better than Appsfire's 2012 roundup infographic. Arguably the most telling statistic regarding the current state of apps is that just 34 percent of apps released in 2012 landed in the Paid category, with the other 66 percent being free to download.

But what does this say about the App Store? Has it suddenly become a cheapskate's paradise? Not really. As opposed to 2008, when 74 percent of apps were paid from the start, app publishers are embracing the "freemium" model more and more, relying on in-app purchases and upgrades to bring in the cash instead of charging upfront.

The infographic also reveals that despite being released just days ago, Google Maps managed to take the title of highest-reviewed non-game app. On the gaming side of things, Angry Birds Space snagged the top spot.

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