Daily iPhone App: Anomaly Korea polishes the award-winning Anomaly series even more

Mike Schramm
M. Schramm|12.21.12

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Daily iPhone App: Anomaly Korea polishes the award-winning Anomaly series even more

Anomaly Korea is, right out of the gate, one of the most impressive titles I've ever seen on iOS. Developer 11 bit Studios' Anomaly: Warzone Earth won an Apple Design Award for the way it looked and played, and as a rep from the studio told me recently, they decided to up the ante, adding even better graphics, with lots more flares, particles and other really great-looking visual elements.

The core gameplay here is the same -- you're in charge of a convoy of vehicles heading through an alien tower-infested warzone, and you guide those vehicles down a path of your choice, supplying them with almost constant support power-ups as you do so. And because that gameplay didn't change very much, 11 bit was able to really polish and refine it, adding in a few new power-ups, and making the old ones even better. This isn't really a sequel to the first title, but it is all new content, and the real draw here is that 11 bit was able to make a game that was already great even better.

The one issue I really have with this game is that it's not quite as direct as I'd usually like -- you are basically supporting your units, rather than actually playing as them. But 11 bit has even taken that note to task, and made the choices you make while moving around the map even more important than before. This is a great game -- odds are that you've already purchased quite a few this week, given all of the big sales and releases, but it's very hard not to still recommend this one at the launch price of just $2.99.

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