Final Fantasy XIV previews levequests and group combat

Eliot Lefebvre
E. Lefebvre|12.21.12

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Final Fantasy XIV previews levequests and group combat
Here's hoping that there's a reason why they're all fighting this Dullahan and it's dying so slowly so that we don't have wandering nightmares when we quest.
Final Fantasy XIV is changing a lot with its relaunch, but many of those changes are a matter of giving the old a new purpose and function. Such is the case with the much-maligned levequest, previewed in the latest video update from the game's alpha version. The new system seems much cleaner, with more narrow level bands, a distributor right at the camp, and a much simpler interface for starting and finishing one of these quick repeatable bursts of content.

Looking forward to working in a team a bit more? Then you'll be happy that the second half of the video is devoted to an early preview of group combat, switching back and forth between several members locked in battle with large opponents. While the abilities and balance are still rough, it's a clear departure from how the game looked and felt in the first version. Check out the full video just past the break.

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