Zeptolab's new Pudding Monsters, Infocom games and more now available on iOS

Mike Schramm
M. Schramm|12.20.12

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Zeptolab's new Pudding Monsters, Infocom games and more now available on iOS

Today's the last Thursday before the big App Store freeze, which means this is basically developers' last chance to get on the marketplace before the big holiday rush. As a result, then, there are a ton of big new releases, all available now for your purchasing pleasure.

  • ZeptoLab is the company behind the App Store's breakout hit Cut the Rope, and they're back with a new game called Pudding Monsters, where you slide little puddings around the fridge to combine them into larger creatures. It's a lot of fun, and only US$0.99.
  • Activision's surprised us all with a title called Lost Treatures of Infocom, which is a collection of old text adventures from the company's storied past. The first Zork is available for free, and you can get a number of other old Infocom games by in-app purchase.
  • Crescent Moon has released a sequel to its Ravensword RPG called Ravensword: Shadowlands. This is a big, bold release with great graphics and really deep gameplay, and you can grab it today for $6.99.
  • Jordan Mechner, best known as the man behind the Prince of Persia games, is back with a new one called Karateka. The reviews on this game's other platforms haven't been great, but maybe it'll do better on iOS. It's $2.99.
  • Square has released the remade version of Final Fantasy 4, and it's not cheap: You'll pay $15.99 to go back to play through the old Japanese RPG.
  • 11 bit Studios' Anomaly Korea is finally here -- it's a really good-looking reverse tower defense game published by Chillingo. It's $2.99 as well.
  • Parashoot Stan looks like a well-polished falling game that might be worth a try, out for just 99 cents.
  • Shadow Warrior is an iOS rerelease of the old PC title from 3D Realms, and it's out now for free to try, $1.99 for the full game via in-app purchase.
  • I haven't heard much about Ronin, but it looks like a well-made action game, available today for 99 cents.
  • Disney's dropped its Where's My Holiday spinoff of Where's My Water and Where's My Perry, featuring some free levels from the two popular games. Grab it for free, and it'll give the kids something to do while you're wrapping the presents and cooking Christmas dinner.
  • And finally, everybody's third favorite worm (after Earthworm Jim and the Worms) is back for the holiday season in Super Mega Worm vs. Santa 2. Just 99 cents for days and days of happiness? Yes please.

Man, that's a lot of great new games! We may see some more new titles later on this week, but from here on out, there will mostly be just sale and price drops. The App Store freezes tomorrow, and most developers now have their ducks in a row, hoping that when all of the new iPhone and iPad owners make their way to the store next week, their apps will be the ones they're downloading.

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