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Rayman Origins is actually profitable for Ubisoft


Rayman Origins has been profitable for publisher Ubisoft and the company feels the title will be an evergreen success. Although the publisher didn't share sales figures or what the budget was for the title on today's investor call, Rayman Origins' apparent lack of sales success didn't make it a complete financial failure.

"Two successes more than compensated for the performance of Rayman: Origins, Tintin and the non-dance Kinect titles," said Alain Martinez, chief financial officer for Ubisoft on today's call. "We believe Rayman: Origins, which is rated 89 percent on Metacritic with enthusiast reviews and is already profitable, has the capacity to become a long-term seller for the company."

Rayman Origins, which has been a critical darling for combining classic platforming with lush visuals, is currently in process of being ported to every platform in existence. We keep hope alive for a sequel some day, but we'd be just as happy if UbiArt was widely available for indie designers to utilize.

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