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The Daily Grind: Do you think MMO exit surveys are a waste of time?


Every time I cancel an MMO subscription nowadays, I'm asked to take an exit survey. Help us make the game a better experience for when you return, they beg. Sure, why not, right? I'd like to give those devs some constructive criticism and/or a piece of my mind. I'll start with a pointed rant about the state of the endgame...

But wait, what's this? The "what other games do you play" question seems to be way out of date, listing games that have closed but none at all from the last few years? The "what features do you want to see" question includes features that have already debuted in the game? And the custom field is barely long enough to type "this game sux" let alone anything poignant? It's enough to make you wonder whether anyone reads these things.

So do you bother with exit surveys? And if so, do you believe that anyone with the ability to improve a game will ever hear your feedback?

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