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'Unchained Blades' coming to 3DS eShop via XSEED


This is going to sound pretty weird, because it involves clues to something you likely don't remember or know. The short version: Nintendo Power's table of contents reveals a game called "Unchained Blades" for 3DS, as a download.

The long version: this is the reveal of something publisher XSEED was cryptically teasing yesterday, with a series of images on Twitter including a Tyrannosaurus Rex, a blade of grass, and a still from Ghost's famous pottery wheel scene. And now you're confused.

It's now clear that the clues refer to the dungeon crawler released in Japan as UnchainBlades Rexx. (get it: "Unchained" Melody plus "blade" of grass plus T. "Rex.") It was a retail game over there, but being in Nintendo Power's "Download" section suggests that XSEED is improving the distribution method along with the name.

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