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Skullgirls sells more than 50K to date, Reverge working on updates


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Reverge Labs announced via Twitter that Skullgirls has sold over 50,000 copies in ten days of availability. That number doesn't include any European PSN sales, as that version arrives on May 2.

The company thanked fans, and revealed that it's at work on "the first updates," the contents of which are currently unknown. However, Reverge has suggested that in-game move lists and input displays for training mode are among the updates it would want to add, if enough people bought the game to support the hosting costs.

This is good news for the first-time developer, and good news for fans. It's good news for everyone but "Peacemillian," who made a statement in chat during a streaming event last September: "if this game breaks 50k sold I'll eat my own shit."

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