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New Club Nintendo awards include Art Style: Pictobits, Urban Champion


If you can't wait to spend some of those coins, Nintendo is offering new rewards for its Club Nintendo program. Four new downloadable games have been made available for May, including a pair of 3DS titles and two WiiWare games.

Art Style: Pictobits is the frontrunner for our hard-earned coins, a delightful DSiWare puzzle game ported to the 3DS. Pictobits debuted next to Majora's Mask, so you may not remember it. The other high-profile game is a 3DS port of Urban Champion, the first fighting game to appear on the NES and quite possibly the worst game to appear on the NES.

The two WiiWare games are Snowpack Park and Eco Shooter: Plant 3D. All four games will be available for download until May 31.

[Thanks, Dali.]

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