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Atari says Eden Games isn't closed, plans to continue supporting the studio


[Update] A few hours ago, we reported that Eden Games had been shuttered – you can read our original report below. An Atari representative has told Joystiq that despite the "divestiture process" wording in the financial statement sourced below suggesting closure of the studio, Eden Games has not been fully liquidated. Eden Games still exists, and Atari plans to support the studio moving forward.

"Our earnings statement contained a report about the divestment of Eden Games. We want to make it clear that the studio has not closed and that we will continue to support the console and PC games of Eden Games, notably Test Drive Unlimited 2, while this process is underway. The divestment is in line with our previously stated strategy of exploiting our popular intellectual property library on mobile devices, where he have seen strong initial success, and via online games and licensing."

[Original story] Eden Games is no more. Last year Eden Games engaged in a "symbolic" one-day strike in response to a first wave of layoffs, and today Atari has shut down what was left of the French studio responsible for the Test Drive series of racing sims.

"Eden Games has been accounted for as 'Discontinued Operations' under IFRS 5, as the Company has started a divestiture process of the studio," Atari's earnings report reads. (That's business speak explaining Eden Games has been dissolved.) Earnings for the fiscal year ending March 31, 2012 show Atari made $51.3 million – a 44% decline compared to last year's $77.8 million in revenue.

Last year, when the first round of Eden Games employees were dismissed, some went on to found Blossom Minds.

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