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Things to do while everyone in your guild is out playing Diablo 3

Allison Robert

Is it just me, or are the realms kinda dead today? Well, that's probably because everyone in the known universe (with the possible exception of on-call firefighters and paramedics or surgeons who are not currently engaged in removing brain tumors) is off playing Diablo III. That's fine. I don't judge.

But sometimes you need something to do whenever other people aren't around to provide mental stimulation. Here are a few quick suggestions that will make your in-game life slightly more interesting until everyone gets back (and a lot more interesting afterwards):

  1. Submit a GM ticket asking if WoW's orientation around gear upgrades constitutes a dismissive critique of the nudist lifestyle. (Editor's Note: Don't do this.)
  2. If you have guild bank privileges, feng shui the contents.
  3. If you don't have bank privileges, spam the officers with letters accusing them of betraying the proletariat.
  4. Macro /y BOING to your space bar.
  5. Edit guild ranks to more accurately describe members. "Officer" is a less descriptive term than "Untrustworthy Gurthalak-Stealing Suck-Up."
  6. Run through Stormwind/Orgrimmar shouting that the Rapture has occurred.

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