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Schilling speaks out on 38 Studios debacle, stands to lose $50 million

Jef Reahard

Curt Schilling is finally speaking out on the 38 Studios brouhaha. The former Red Sox pitcher told The Providence Journal that he stands to lose $50 million of his personal fortune as the fiasco plays out.

Schilling also laid some blame at the feet of Rhode Island governor Lincoln Chafee, who he says made public statements that were "devastating" and that "scared off private investors." Joystiq also reports on why some former 38 Studios employees remained silent as the drama unfolded over the last week.

"[Schilling] had invested so much into us financially and personally, we were not about to betray that trust. We were not going to take the chance of speaking to the press and accidentally ruining any chances with outside investors. Unfortunately, it didn't matter if the employees spoke and ruined things with the investors as the governor beat us to it," the source said.

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