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Huawei Ascend D Quad release set for late August in China, October for European markets


Been holding onto the hope that Huawei's quad-core flagship would bow relatively soon? Well, it's time to swallow an extra dose of patience because it appears the Ascend D Quad is slated for an eventual late summer / early fall launch. As confirmed to the The Inquirer, the Chinese market will get first crack at the device this August, with a Western European debut to follow sometime after in October of this year. Originally outed at this past Mobile World Congress, the well-specced handset was scheduled for a summer release before technical issues revolving around the company's custom K3 Balong CPU set back mass production. When it finally lands on retailers' shelves, the one-time dynamo device won't look nearly as spectacular, given its now dated ICS OS, the glut of existing Android überphones (i.e. Galaxy S III and One X) and those to come. Does it risk becoming yesterday's mobile news? Only time and your dollars can say for sure.

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